With Trump, Results Matter More than Effort

Trump being dropped in Washington was like dropping an ice cube in a scalding hot pot of oil (DO NOT TRY THAT).  I don’t believe the 71-year old president is going to change his ... continue reading

PCA Grows Their Services Through Strategic Partnerships

Poterack Capital Advisory is a financial planning firm, and there are financial aspects to nearly everything you do. Your lifestyle, in large part, is based on your financial situation. Your healthcare and well-being is ... continue reading

Life Insurance: A Buyer’s Guide

Our clients know we handle financial planning and money management, but not all clients know we are independent life (and long-term care) insurance brokers as well. There have been clients who bought life insurance ... continue reading

Sleepy but Successful Summer Days

Short and sweet Economic Update this week as the market continues to trend upward with very little volatility.  It is easy to sleep on the possibility of a correction which often comes when we ... continue reading

Records are very profitable these days

My 13-year old daughter Reagan has a record player and buys albums regularly now.  With digital technology, who would have guessed vinyl records would be “in vogue” again? Who would have guessed the DOW ... continue reading

Summer is in full swing as market takes a breath

Last week the market was slightly up after a very strong first half of 2017.  The second half of 2017 will likely be impacted by what congress does or doesn’t do with regulations and ... continue reading

Winning at Halftime

The stock market had an outstanding first half of 2017 and is poised for more gains if low interest rates, low energy costs persist.    If congress improves the health insurance market and passes ... continue reading