Are You Scared of a Stock Market Crash?

Thus far, 2017 has been a very solid year for the stock market. Looking back eighteen months, since mid-February 2016, the stock market has grown substantially in the midst of a series very troubling ... continue reading

The Future is Easier to Affect than the Past

Labor Day weekend represents the end of summer for many people. I think of Labor Day as the beginning of fall, which I love! As I write this, my philosophical self leads me to ... continue reading

All eyes on Houston area as summer comes to a close

Houston and surrounding communities are under siege from nature.  Hurricane Harvey and rain pummel the area.  The human tragedy will also have a negative economic impact in the tens of billions. World events, natural ... continue reading

Stock Market backs up as economy sends mixed signals

Good corporate earnings and low interest rates are two strong factors for the health of the stock market.  If more regulatory relief and tax reform gets done, then it would be a very strong ... continue reading

Stocks Off More Than 1% As Gold Surges

Diversification is not simply spreading your investments around. If all of your investments react the same to economic conditions then your investments are not diversified. This situation would be described as owning investments with ... continue reading

Dow Jones Reaches New Milestone

Last week came with encouraging results and the stock market was slightly up on balance.  These results likely helped your portfolio irrespective of who you voted for or what the name Trump means to ... continue reading

Dow Reached New Milestone

As a financial advisor and fiduciary, it is my mission to analyze many economic factors and advise clients on how to reach their desired objectives while investing within their tolerance for risk and personal ... continue reading