Buffett Quotes & Poterack Quotes

Renowned investor and businessman Warren Buffett has many notable quotes.  It occurred to me that many of our newsletter subscribers may not be familiar with the charm and wisdom of some of these quotes.  ... continue reading

The Market Takes a Breath as Summer Ends

Last week was basically flat for the stock market following the biggest week of the year for the DOW.  Low market volatility over the past 18 months is a bit unnerving to me.  It ... continue reading

Annuity Companies Responding to Fiduciary Regulations

There is Great News for consumers as many Annuity companies are changing their advisor compensation models! The word “Annuity” has too often triggered bias, ignorance and misinformation among financial professionals and consumers alike. You ... continue reading

DOW Has Best Week of the Year

The stock market brushed off North Korea concerns and surged forward.    The market futures this Monday morning are positive after those gains last week. Let’s hope the momentum continues into the fall. Inflation ... continue reading

Irma Takes Over the State of Florida

The infrastructure spending required to rebuild from these hurricanes is good for the economy and the stock market in the short term.  There will always be winners and losers but this infusion of spending ... continue reading

Stock market closes August strongly

All three major domestic stock market indexes (S&P 500, Nasdaq, DOW) are in positive double digit territory for 2017!  This week is a short trading week as Monday was Labor Day. September Brings a ... continue reading