Stronger data supports another great week for the stock market

Surprisingly, GDP grew at 3% for the second straight quarter and home sales are way up over this time last year.  Corporate earnings continue to be strong.  It is easy to focus on the ... continue reading

DOW 23,000. We hardly knew ya!

The Dow Jones index blew past 23,000 as the stock market stacked up another great week.  If you were completely unaware of the past performance of the stock market, then you’d likely view the ... continue reading

More good news in the financial world

Last week was another good week for the major stock market indexes and now we hear that Social Security is increasing retirement benefits by 2%, the largest increase in five years!  For many of ... continue reading

Columbus Day follows another strong market week

It is what it is.  The three major stock market indexes were all up more than 1% for the week.  There are many economic measurements, but in your household, the dollar value of your ... continue reading

October can be scary and not just because of Halloween

It was another great week and month as the stock market rolls in to the fourth quarter!  However, October has secured a place in history as the fourth worst month for the Dow Jones ... continue reading