A bountiful Thanksgiving week for the stock market!

In a short trading week, the major indexes were up very strongly.  Unless there is a significant pullback in the next month, 2017 will be easily the strongest year for the stock market since ... continue reading

Mixed week on Wall Street as holidays approach

2017 has been a stock market year to be thankful for!  Last week was a solid one for the Nasdaq while the DOW and S&P 500 were off a bit.  This will be a ... continue reading

Stock market slows down for a week

The major indexes all gave some ground last week, while commodities had a strong week.  Tax policy seemed to be off the front page last week, but hopefully we will see progress in the ... continue reading

Economic Indicators and the Market Continue to Shine

This bull market is nearly nine years old and picking up steam.   However, “Reversion to the mean” may mean that stock market returns over the next decade will be very modest (4-6%).  Mean ... continue reading

Looking Back and Looking Forward

I’ve been asked regularly what I believe the stock market will do now that it is at an all-time high. At a recent workshop, I was asked; “What are you doing to prepare for ... continue reading

How Inherited Assets Differ From Gifts

When someone gives you cash or other valuable assets, do you owe income tax? No. The same is true if you receive an inheritance. The giver may owe gift tax, and the decedent’s estate ... continue reading