Massive Tax cuts become a reality for 2018

We have seen phenomenal stock market performance despite horrific corporate tax structure and onerous regulations. One might think deregulation and now the passing of the largest corporate tax cut in history would guarantee an ... continue reading

Your Rate of Return is as Good as You choose!

Financial professionals understand the difference between “Absolute” returns and “Relative” returns. In the professional world of investing, absolute returns mean very little. With most of the investing public, absolute returns mean everything! This creates ... continue reading

Should You Take Winnings off the Table and Rebalance?

You know the stock market cannot continue upward indefinitely. You also know it is impossible to predict when the next downturn will occur. Do you let it ride, cash out or somewhere in between? ... continue reading

What to do when the record is broken?

The stock market performance has been similar to a broken record of late so……… It appears sweeping tax reform is likely to pass this week, so I will share several thoughts.  I will be ... continue reading

Holiday cheer can lead to April tears

December is when mutual funds must declare capital gain distributions for 2017. These gains are typically a combination of short term and long term capital gains. A mutual fund buys and sells stocks and ... continue reading

Eight straight winning months

November was the eighth straight positive month for the stock market, while the worst single month for 2017 was only less than one-half of one percent to the downside.  There have been stronger years ... continue reading

What are you invested in?

I’ve been asked by a couple clients recently; “What are you invested in?” After all, we would expect a chef is willing to eat their own cooking! This is a reasonable question to ask ... continue reading

My Take on Conflicts of Interest, Facts, Bias, and Emotion.

In 27 years I’ve experienced many different market cycles. I’ve seen companies and investments achieve phenomenal success, colossal failure and everywhere in between. My industry will tell you a key benefit of working with ... continue reading