Stocks soar while 10-yr Treasury yields quietly soar even higher!

If you’re bored of reading about the stock market hot streak, then I’ll provide you with financial information this week which may surprise you.  The 10-yr U.S. Treasury yield, currently 2.72%, has increased 32% ... continue reading

Government shutdown. Stock market open!

Three weeks in to 2018, the stock market is up approximately 5% which would be an annualized return of 86%.  Yes, this is a great start and yes, this cannot continue indefinitely. Over the ... continue reading

Positive economic news everywhere!

The economy has been picking up steam and the stock market is leading the way with big gains this past week!  The tax reform legislation passed late last year has led to many companies ... continue reading

Risk versus Reward

For our clients, this article is more of a review. Many retail investors accept, without critical thinking, that higher risk equals higher rate of return and lower risk equals lower rate of return.  I ... continue reading

Your Lifestyle Paycheck

You are likely in one of two groups; retired or still working.  If you are still working, hopefully you feel reasonably confident in the stability of your paycheck.  A stable paycheck allows you to ... continue reading

2018 is off to a hot start!

Equity markets did not take a breather after 2017 as last week was very strong.  Stock market valuations are very high in a historical context which technically signals a correction coming but spreadsheets do ... continue reading

Welcome 2018!

Well a 20% year for the 2017 stock market is in the books and we have a clean slate for the New Year. There isn’t much planned this week as the markets were closed ... continue reading