Great week follows monster week for stocks

With recent volatility, it would have been reasonable to think there might be a pullback last week.  Thankfully this was not the case and the market may be poised to hit new highs after ... continue reading

Stock market snaps back

The stock market shot up during first three weeks of the year and then dropped during the next three weeks.  Last week was a huge up week for stocks! So now what?  If you ... continue reading

Shake up and shake out in the stock market

We have now experienced a 10% drop from the highs a couple weeks ago.  This comes after the 8% surge upward to begin the year.  I prefer when the market moves abruptly up versus ... continue reading

The Financial Decision-Making Lifespan

Most of you reading this article can point to times in your past when you were less mature and more erratic in your decision-making.  If you have successfully forgotten your most regrettable decisions in ... continue reading

What is a Bond Bubble?

You may have heard of the bubble that burst in 2000 or the Real Estate bubble that burst in 2008.  The media seems to like using “Bubble” in the financial industry as much ... continue reading

Stock selloff continues

If you began investing about two years ago and never previously followed the stock market, you have only seen wildly successful returns and very little volatility.  Last week’s pullback is very routine in the ... continue reading