Good Results and Volatility Continue

The economy is getting stronger, and thankfully last week’s volatility was to the upside!  The first ten weeks of the year have hopefully reminded you of what a “normal” stock market is like. Market ... continue reading

Will Guaranteed Interest Make a Comeback?

In recent months, I’ve assisted clients seeking guarantees and a reasonable interest rate. We have seen shorter term interest rates move higher over the past year. In certain client situations, guaranteed interest fits the ... continue reading

Silver Linings

We all know people who are great to be around, and people who are quick to tell us all that is wrong in the world. The reality of life, business and investing is that ... continue reading

What a topsy-turvy week

Last Monday the DOW was up nearly 400 points and then the market nose-dived until stabilizing Friday, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq both up strongly.  For the week the three major indexes were ... continue reading