Strong Week for Stocks as Strong Dollar Hurts Precious Metals

Inflation Nears 3% The federal government’s Consumer Price Index rose 2.9% across the 12 months ending in June, a level of annualized inflation last seen in February 2012. Yearly inflation has now increased for ... continue reading

Do You Understand Interest Rate Risk?

Are dividends good?  Is interest good?  The truth is that it depends.  Dividends and interest are subject to income tax and associated with investment risk, market risk, default risk and interest rate risk.  From ... continue reading

Weekly Economic Update: July 2, 2018

Income and Spending Rise, Along with Core Inflation According to the latest monthly Department of Commerce snapshot, personal incomes improved 0.4% in May. Personal spending, however, advanced just 0.2% (half the gain forecast by ... continue reading

The Meaning of Life & Money

The first part of that title has been pondered by humans since dirt existed, but what is the meaning of Life & Money?  The life I’m writing about is our mortal life on earth, ... continue reading