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Should you roll over your 401(k)?

You don’t necessarily have to leave your job or retire to roll over your 401(k) into an IRA.

Here are five reasons to consider it:

  • You’re very likely paying high expenses and fees without even realizing it; these include administration fees, investment fees and individual service fees.
  • You can have more control and flexibility with your retirement nest egg rather than giving it to someone who doesn’t know you or your retirement goals.
  • Your company can change your 401(k) investment choices, trustees and fees at any time and you may not even know about the changes until after they occur.
  • You may be one of the many workers who have a large portion of their 401(k) invested in their employer’s stock. Some companies invest 401(k) contributions straight into company stock which can greatly increase your portfolio’s risk.
  • You recognize the numerous advantages of working with an experienced professional on selecting the investments and strategies which align with your goals and objectives.

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Ryan PoterackFor more than 25 years, Ryan Poterack, founder and CEO of PCA, has specialized in guiding his clients to the retirements they envision. You don’t get there by evading the tough questions. In fact, to build the trust necessary for a successful relationship, advisors need the courage to ask some tough questions of their own.Ryan Poterack has the courage to ask very thoughtful questions and the humility to listen intently which creates a relationship dedicated to achieving your retirement goals.

Clear, Uncomplicated Fees

We make our investment management fees and expenses very transparent. You won’t receive 48 pages of financial mumbo-jumbo to wade through, and no brokerage trading fees!


As an independent financial advisory firm, we have access to thousands of investments and strategies, including institutional share-class funds to help minimize your investment costs.


Our process is comprehensive. We review all aspects of your investments, tax planning, retirement income planning, estate planning and all matters that may affect you.


We have a strategic partnership with a CPA firm providing tax services and guidance to our clients in coordination with your overall planning decisions.

Insurance Options

We have an independent insurance brokerage firm providing choices for clients who are interested in insurance products.

Candid and Committed

Our team is forthright, talented and committed to truly top-notch service. Generous with our knowledge, we offer free educational events because a well-informed client is a better client!