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About Poterack

It’s about relationships, not transactions®. More than a catchy slogan, this statement of purpose holds us to core values that set us apart from other firms and is essential to helping improve our clients’ financial decision-making.

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Be Honest

We believe in solution-oriented communication. We always speak candidly, and we ask our clients to do the same.


Be Responsible

We take personal responsibility very seriously, and we believe the little things matter a great deal.


Be Attentive

We believe nice companies finish first and that listening to our clients is far better than convincing our clients.

  • Our Mission

    We provide counsel so that our clients have the peace of mind knowing their strategies are consistent with their values and objectives.


    Our Vision

    We will change the way clients and advisors measure success in the financial industry. It’s about relationships, not transactions.

  • Core Values

    • We believe little things matter a lot.
    • We believe in personal responsibility.
    • We believe nice companies finish first.
    • We believe in solution-oriented communication.
    • We believe in speaking forthrightly and with candor.
    • We believe listening is better than convincing.
    • We believe in a fun, productive office that encourages career development.
    • We believe everything we do has an effect on how our company is viewed.
    • We believe in mutually-profitable partnerships with clients.
    • We believe in providing the best client experience in the world.
    • We believe embracing change leads to future success.
    • We believe in improving our clients’ quality of life.

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  • Making It Count Radio ShowListen to Ryan’s podcast — “Making It Count” every week and improve your financial decision-making. Learn and enjoy his unique insights and relatable, practical advice into all things financial.
 The lively broadcast centers around life choices, current events and everything else that impacts your money by demystifying the financial world.Listen to past episodes  

Charity: Water

  • Charity WaterTwice the population of the United States — 663,000,000 people — have only unsafe water to drink. For these people, their health, their children and their educational and economic opportunities all suffer due to the lack of clean water. That’s why PCA enthusiastically supports the work of charity: water, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing safe water and sanitation services to developing nations.Learn about PCA’s involvement  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a financial planner?

You would benefit from the many hundreds of scenarios we’ve helped people work through over the past three decades. We are experts in efficiently coordinating your planning. You are the worldwide expert on what is important to you. Together, in a candid and collaborative relationship, we may be much more effective than you are alone when seeking solutions to your financial planning objectives.

How will I know I have the right financial planner?

After 27 years of experience, our best client relationships are with those who value transparency. In considering a financial planner, ask direct questions — how they are compensated; how often they make contact, etc. — and be wary of advisors who show more interest in your money than in you. Trust your gut as well.

Do you accept fiduciary responsibility?

Yes, we are committed to standards of practice that place our clients’ interests ahead of our own. We manage investment portfolios exclusively on a fee basis. The current White House administration has made noise about weakening fiduciary standards. We have worked as a fiduciary for many years and will continue to do so regardless of any legislative changes. We are following the developments and will update our newsletter subscribers as the story unfolds.

How are you compensated?

We are compensated in a variety of ways so as to suit our clients best interests and our firm. We may be paid a fee for our advice, our time, and/or to proactively manage your portfolios. The insurance industry distributes products on a commission basis. If there is a want or need to manage risk with insurance products, the insurance company pays our firm a commission directly. The client does not pay our firm any commissions. We are an independent insurance broker for life insurance, long-term care insurance and fixed/indexed annuities. If you are paying any fee or expense to our firm, you will have it clearly indicated in writing you can understand.

How often do you review my situation or provide updates?

Lack of contact is — by far — the most common complaint consumers have about their financial planner. That’s why we are a high-touch, relationship-focused firm. Life isn’t lived on a spreadsheet, and we need to hear from you regarding any life events or changes. Through workshops, in-person visits, phone and video conferencing, we’re committed to ongoing communication with our clients and adjusting strategies to meet our clients’ objectives.