Do You Understand Interest Rate Risk?

Are dividends good?  Is interest good?  The truth is that it depends.  Dividends and interest are subject to income tax and associated with investment risk, market risk, default risk and interest rate risk.  From ... continue reading

The Meaning of Life & Money

The first part of that title has been pondered by humans since dirt existed, but what is the meaning of Life & Money?  The life I’m writing about is our mortal life on earth, ... continue reading

When Not Knowing is Expensive

Many of you have heard the saying “You don’t know what you don’t know,” especially if you’ve read my newsletters for a while or attended my informational workshops. This doesn’t mean you need to ... continue reading

The PCA Difference

This article will probably surprise you if you have 3 minutes to read!  The financial industry has many diverse business models, and professionals often focus on very different clients and objectives.  However, many consumers ... continue reading

Mainstream Finance catching up with PCA

My clients and newsletter subscribers know that it is rare for me to include articles or outside authors in my newsletter.  There are many great authors and sources of financial information available and this ... continue reading

Can you beat the Market?

This is a question which has been asked and debated for decades.  I have a question for the person asking the question; What market are you referring to? Most people default to the stock ... continue reading

The High Cost of Mutual Funds?

“Most People, Brokers and Mutual Funds Do Worse Than Average.” You may have heard this or similar message.  It is difficult to “beat the market.” The averages are just that – theoretical, numerical averages ... continue reading

The Real Death Tax

The IRS tax code is favorable to married couples and unfavorable to single people in a relative sense.  The IRS doesn’t distinguish between happily or unhappily married couples.  Married is married and better tax ... continue reading

Will Guaranteed Interest Make a Comeback?

In recent months, I’ve assisted clients seeking guarantees and a reasonable interest rate. We have seen shorter term interest rates move higher over the past year. In certain client situations, guaranteed interest fits the ... continue reading

Silver Linings

We all know people who are great to be around, and people who are quick to tell us all that is wrong in the world. The reality of life, business and investing is that ... continue reading

The Financial Decision-Making Lifespan

Most of you reading this article can point to times in your past when you were less mature and more erratic in your decision-making.  If you have successfully forgotten your most regrettable decisions in ... continue reading

What is a Bond Bubble?

You may have heard of the bubble that burst in 2000 or the Real Estate bubble that burst in 2008.  The media seems to like using “Bubble” in the financial industry as much ... continue reading

Risk versus Reward

For our clients, this article is more of a review. Many retail investors accept, without critical thinking, that higher risk equals higher rate of return and lower risk equals lower rate of return.  I ... continue reading

Your Lifestyle Paycheck

You are likely in one of two groups; retired or still working.  If you are still working, hopefully you feel reasonably confident in the stability of your paycheck.  A stable paycheck allows you to ... continue reading

Your Rate of Return is as Good as You choose!

Financial professionals understand the difference between “Absolute” returns and “Relative” returns. In the professional world of investing, absolute returns mean very little. With most of the investing public, absolute returns mean everything! This creates ... continue reading

Should You Take Winnings off the Table and Rebalance?

You know the stock market cannot continue upward indefinitely. You also know it is impossible to predict when the next downturn will occur. Do you let it ride, cash out or somewhere in between? ... continue reading

What are you invested in?

I’ve been asked by a couple clients recently; “What are you invested in?” After all, we would expect a chef is willing to eat their own cooking! This is a reasonable question to ask ... continue reading

My Take on Conflicts of Interest, Facts, Bias, and Emotion.

In 27 years I’ve experienced many different market cycles. I’ve seen companies and investments achieve phenomenal success, colossal failure and everywhere in between. My industry will tell you a key benefit of working with ... continue reading

Looking Back and Looking Forward

I’ve been asked regularly what I believe the stock market will do now that it is at an all-time high. At a recent workshop, I was asked; “What are you doing to prepare for ... continue reading

How Inherited Assets Differ From Gifts

When someone gives you cash or other valuable assets, do you owe income tax? No. The same is true if you receive an inheritance. The giver may owe gift tax, and the decedent’s estate ... continue reading

Buffett Quotes & Poterack Quotes

Renowned investor and businessman Warren Buffett has many notable quotes.  It occurred to me that many of our newsletter subscribers may not be familiar with the charm and wisdom of some of these quotes.  ... continue reading

Dow Reached New Milestone

As a financial advisor and fiduciary, it is my mission to analyze many economic factors and advise clients on how to reach their desired objectives while investing within their tolerance for risk and personal ... continue reading

PCA Grows Their Services Through Strategic Partnerships

Poterack Capital Advisory is a financial planning firm, and there are financial aspects to nearly everything you do. Your lifestyle, in large part, is based on your financial situation. Your healthcare and well-being is ... continue reading

Life Insurance: A Buyer’s Guide

Our clients know we handle financial planning and money management, but not all clients know we are independent life (and long-term care) insurance brokers as well. There have been clients who bought life insurance ... continue reading

Fruits and Power: A History Lesson

We all know optimists and pessimists. There are people who see the best in everything and others who find the cloud in an otherwise blue sky. In my career experience, I have found most ... continue reading

Sex, Lies, and Videotape!

The 1989 movie starred James Spader, Andie MacDowell and others. Well I just wanted to grab your attention, as there will be no discussion of sex in this article, and what is a videotape ... continue reading