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    • The Recent Growth of The Stock Market

      On this recording of Making It Count, Ryan Poterack and host Will Bumgarner discuss the recent stock market growth. Everyone is loving it, but how long will it last?



    • The Discussion Continues: Life Isn’t Lived on a Spreadsheet

      On this recording of Making It Count, Ryan Poterack and host Will Bumgarner continue their discussion of Ryan’s 1st book. We encourage you to listen – they discuss pros and cons of home ownership, how all debt is not created equal, and the emotional aspect people bring into their financial decisions.



    • Life Isn’t Lived on a Spreadsheet

      On this recording of Making It Count, Ryan Poterack and host Will Bumgarner discuss Ryan’s 1st book. They delve into what Ryan really means when he says “life isn’t lived on a spreadsheet” and how you can recognize if you’ve been “shoulding” all over yourself.


    • History of Currency & Conspiracies

      On this episode of Making It Count, Ryan Poterack breaks down some conspiracy theories related to money, banking, and taxes with host Will Bumgarner and guest speaker Professor VanLear. Part 1 of a 2-part series.


    • Breaking Down Financial Stress

      On today’s episode of Making It Count, Ryan Poterack breaks down the reality of financial stress. Financial Stress can affect your health, marriage, and mental well-being; it’s important to speak about it and learn from it!



    • Fiscal Policy and the Economy

      On today’s episode of Making It Count, Ryan Poterack and guest speaker Professor Van Lear break down fiscal policy and its effect on the economy.



    • Not All 401K Plans are Equal

      On today’s episode of Making It Count, Ryan Poterack discusses 401K plans and how to evaluate if they are right for you and your life goals.



    • Trump Update & Advising Financial Advisors

      On this week’s episode, financial advisor Ryan Poterack talks about his work advising financial advisors and the economy under Donald Trump.



    • Retirement Planning & Investment Strategies

      Ryan discusses strategies for investing for wealth and retirement.



    • Demystifying Interest Rates, Bond Yields & CDs

      Ryan and special guest, Belmont Abbey professor of economics, Dr. Bill Van Lear demystify interest rates, bond yields and CDs. Learn how the Federal Reserve manage the economy through interest rates.



    • Retirement Planning

      On this week’s episode of Making It Count, Ryan Poterack of Poterack Capital Advisory discusses retirement planning then and now.



    • The Corporate Tax Rate With Special Guest Economics Professor, Dr. Bill Van Lear

      Today’s episode of Making It Counts features special guest economics professor Dr. Bill Van Lear discussing the implications of corporate tax rates on economic growth.



    • How to Talk to Parents About Estate Planning

      What in the world has President Trump been up to? Ryan Poterack discusses how to talk to elderly parents about estate planning. How do you have this awkward conversation without looking greedy?



    • What’s Really Happening with the Economy Under Trump

      What are the differences between working with a financial advisor on a commission basis vs. a fee basis? How will the fiduciary rule protect investors and where are investors still vulnerable? How is the economy performing under Donald Trump? Is Trump’s proposed budget realistic? Why is cutting corporate tax rates good for the average American? Financial advisor Ryan Poterack answers these questions and more on this episode of Making it Count.



    • How To Find The Right Financial Advisor

      Ryan Poterack reveals the red flags to watch for to avoid unscrupulous financial advisors. Maybe you’re wondering if you even need a financial advisor.



    • Trump’s Economic Plan

      Special guest economics professor, Dr. Bill Van Lear discusses the global economy and the impact of Trump’s economic plan on countries and companies.



    • Successful Investment Diversification Strategies

      Every investor knows that their investment portfolio should be diversified. Diversification is more than selecting multiple funds, it’s about selecting funds that will respond differently to the market. Financial advisor, Ryan Poterack explains successful diversification strategies.



    • Will Trump’s Plan to Jumpstart the Economy Work? | The Fiduciary Rule

      Financial advisor Ryan Poterack discusses Trump’s proposed corporate tax cuts and the potential impact on the economy. Learn about the fiduciary rules governing the financial advisor/client relationship.



    • The Federal Reserve | Special Guest Economics Professor Dr. Bill Van Lear

      Ryan discusses monetary policy and the Federal Reserve with special guest, Belmont Abbey professor of economics, Dr. Bill Van Lear.



    • Charitable Contributions & Your Taxes

      Financial advisor Ryan Poterack talks about visiting the headquarters of Charity: Water on a recent trip to New York.



    • Get Smart About Retirement Investing: 401(k), IRA, Pensions & More

      With so many options, what’s the best retirement strategy for you? Should the 401(k) be abolished? How should I allocate my 401(k)? Ryan explains it all in a way that average citizens can understand.



    • Financial Investments: Understanding Fees and Expenses

      Financial advisor, Ryan Poterack demystifies the fees and expenses associated with common investment products.



    • Special Guest: Social Security Expert Faye Sykes

      This week we are joined by special guest Faye Sykes to talk about social security. Faye specializes in social security planning and her insights will surprise you!



    • Mistakes That Impact Your Prosperity, Money After Death & More

      On this edition of the show Ryan talks about mistakes people make that impact their prosperity and lifestyle. We also discuss what happens to your savings when you pass on.



    • Retirement For Couples

      Ryan Poterack looks at couples and retirement and also what happens when your parents’ retirement savings is not enough.



    • Big Box vs. “Boutique” Investment Firms

      On this episode Ryan gives us a side by side comparison of larger investment companies and smaller ones. What are the real differences in what they offer?



    • Tax Time is Almost Here

      Ryan talks about income tax, something no one really wants to talk about but we should all be thinking about.



    • What Should You Ask Your Financial Advisor?

      On this edition Ryan answers some of the questions you should be asking a financial advisor before you invest and questions you should be asking your current financial advisor.



    • Prioritizing Debt

      On this episode Ryan shares some thoughts about what debt you should be focusing on, credit cards or mortgage. Ryan also discusses 401(k)’s and developing good saving habits.



    • The Trump Effect

      As we begin day two of the Trump Presidency, we talk a little about the “Trump Effect.”



    • How to Identify Ponzi Schemes

      On this week’s show, we talk about ponzi schemes, what are they? What should you be on the look out for to avoid them? Also we discuss how financial advisors are paid.



    • Special Guest Economics Professor Dr. Bill Van Lear

      Listen now to financial Advisor Ryan Poterack’s conversation with respected professor of Economics at Belmont Abbey College, Dr. Bill Van Lear. On this episode, they talk Trump and how the current state of the economy may impact your personal finances.



    • Trump’s Tax Proposal Winners & Losers | Do Certifications Matter?

      This week’s “Trumpdate” covers Donald Trump’s tax proposal and the current over complicated tax code. Ryan spends the remainder of the show discussing the benefits and meaning behind certifications for financial advisors.



    • Weekly Trumpdate | Support Business to Grow the Economy

      What is Trump’s budget all about? Is it pro growth or just more of the same? Ryan discusses how investing in stocks and cutting corporate taxes help grow the economy.



    • Retirement Planning: Myths and Misconceptions

      Financial advisor Ryan Poterack discusses what you really need for retirement.



    • Top Tax Strategies for 2017

      Listen in to this week’s economic “Trumpdate,” where we discuss the Trump administration’s impact on the economy, and how you could benefit or lose out.



    • TrumpCare, Life Insurance, Sanford and Son, Oh, My

      On this edition of the show we get a “Trumpdate” on TrumpCare, as well as discussing how life insurance can be used as a retirement vehicle, Sanford and Son and everything in-between.



    • The Trump Presidency and The World of Finance

      Ryan Poterack looks at how the Trump Presidency impacted the world of finance.



    • Financial Planning 101

      This week Ryan discusses financial planning 101. What everyone should know when they are getting started with a 401(k) plan. Learn how expected and unexpected life events can change everything.



    • When Do you Turn On Social Security?

      On this edition, Ryan discusses social security. When should you turn it on, and how can it benefit you in retirement?



    • Disadvantages to DIY Investing

      This week, Ryan discusses the advantages and disadvantages to do-it-yourself investing and financial planning.



    • Retirement Planning

      This episode we discuss how your home mortgage can play a role in your retirement. We also discuss life insurance and IRA versus Roth IRA.



    • Trump and Your Money

      On this week’s show, we start exactly where you might expect. Trump day one! Also we discuss the relationship between increased life expectancy and your retirement. And Ryan dispels a few myths about wealth versus intelligence as well.



    • Financial Planning for Couples

      On this edition, we discuss financial planning for couples. What are the benefits of joint accounts and individual accounts? And of course another round of get to know your financial advisor.



    • Episode 1

      Welcome to the first episode of Making it Count … because life isn’t lived on a spreadsheet. Presented by Poterack Capital Advisory
      With your Host Ryan Poterack, Founder and CEO of Poterack Capital Advisory.