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Tax Strategies Expiring New Year’s Eve 2017

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Will you be concerned about your income tax bill as your numbers get crunched by a professional or software program next year? This month we explore strategies with a deadline of 12/31/2017, that may improve your numbers next Spring!

Host Ryan Poterack, financial advisor and CEO of PCA, Inc., invites you to our next Ladies’ Luncheon. Let’s have a Fun & Friendly final luncheon for 2017!

When & Where:

Tuesday November 28, 2017

The Palm Restaurant

Phillips Place, B

6705 Phillips Pl Ct.

Charlotte, NC 28210


Hosted By:

Ryan Poterack, financial advisor and CEO of PCA, Inc.


Registration begins at 11:45 a.m.; Ryan speaks at noon; lunch served at 1:00 p.m. Ryan will dive into this important topic, covering items such as:

  • What is your IRA Exit Strategy? Learn how to take advantage of “tax bracket arbitrage”?
  • Learn about IRA Tax-Qualified Charitable Distributions.
  • Learn about Tax Loss Harvesting.
  • Learn how a Roth Conversion can be done on a net tax-free basis.

These and other questions — including yours — are on the table for discussion. Expect a fun, interactive session that may bring clarity and confidence to your situation.

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