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We have a full slate of financial products.

And we want to sell you on as few of them as possible.

We know you’re smart. So are we; we’ve made this our life’s work, after all. Together, we can be much more effective than either of us is alone in navigating the options and shaping a sound, clear-eyed financial plan. And that plan may very well include any number of these popular financial instruments:


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  • retirement planning

    Retirement Planning

    Our approach is to talk first — deeply and candidly. From that discussion a strategy develops and the work begins.
  • income planning

    Income Planning

    Like retirement planning, it’s about getting it all out on the table so that we can figure out how your current and future income sources will fund the retirement lifestyle you envision for yourself.
  • ira and 401k rollover

    IRA and 401(k) Rollovers

    Tax implications are not always what they seem, and they are ever-changing. We stay on top of the regulations and changes to structure options for each client’s situation.
  • stocks


    Heard from a broker who has a stock tip or magical stock chart analytics tool or a new “system”? Run, don’t walk, from claims such as these. When and how to maneuver in stocks has more to do with how you are and where you are in relation to retirement than with what the market might or might not do.
  • bonds


    All bonds are not created equal, which means their reputation for low-risk return may not always be dependable. Do you know who the issuer is? We do.
  • annuities


    So you don’t like the rate of return on Treasury Bonds and you think annuities are the way to go? Would that be ladder annuities or longevity annuities, or have you found a fixed-rate annuity with a sexy guaranteed annual percentage? Long story short, annuities are complicated products that we unravel every day for our clients.
  • mutual funds

    Mutual Funds

    What’s true in other industries is true in investing — some people pay retail and some pay wholesale. Clients at PCA enjoy access to institutional share class funds. For the retail or do-it-yourself investor, the difference in outlay can be eye-opening.
  • etfs

    Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

    ETFs remain an enormously popular product for many investors, especially short-term investors who buy and sell throughout the day. They’re low-cost, they offer some tax advantages when properly traded, but they aren’t bullet-proof. Which is why you need a proper strategy when integrating them into your financial plan.
  • event based portfolio rebalancing

    Event-Based Portfolio Rebalancing

    One absolute guarantee with the financial markets: They will reset themselves, and sometimes that reset can be seismic. Better to respond to the economic landscape with regular rebalancing of your portfolio, diversifying across asset classes, industries, company sizes and geographic locations.
  • life insurance

    Life Insurance

    As an independent advisor, we’re not captive to any single insurance company and can offer dozens of options. Where we differ from most independent brokers is in our measure of insight, experience and knowledge across all financial vehicles and how life insurance products best complement them.
  • long term care

    Long-Term Care Insurance

    No one likes to think about the worst case scenarios. But the fact is the average American will spend over $200,000 in medical expenses in retirement. It’s our job to give consideration to every possible eventuality and to make sure you’re prepared for it. Long-term care insurance may be a sensible option.
  • ira exit strategies

    IRA Exit Strategies

    You spent your work life amassing this sum, and, as retirement nears, you will confront the myriad options on what to do with it. Do you withdraw it all and pay the taxes in whole? Withdraw in stages? Divert some into stocks? Open a Roth? So many options for retaining maximum value, and every situation is unique.
  • tax planning

    Tax Planning

    Every year state houses and Capitol Hill give us new and sometimes dramatic changes to tax structures. The general rule of deferring income and accelerating deductions may or may not apply under revised tax code. In these conditions, your tax bracket and personal goals determine proper planning.
  • tax efficient portfolio construction

    Tax-Efficient Portfolio Construction

    The percentage of taxes you pay on investments of course largely depends on how much you make. However, fluency with the rules, knowing which accounts to invest in and managing your income and more can greatly affect your portfolio’s tax liability. That’s where we come in.
  • tax returns

    State and Federal Tax Returns

    It’s about more than simply filling in the blanks for our clients. The real work and insight happens in the 364 days before April 15, where PCA’s counsel and strategies have the greatest effect on our clients’ tax obligations. That effort comes to fruition when it’s time to file, and we handle every detail.

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What investment strategy is right for you?

Find out now