The Meaning of Life & Money

The first part of that title has been pondered by humans since dirt existed, but what is the meaning of Life & Money?  The life I’m writing about is our mortal life on earth, which is finite.  Money is a medium of exchange without inherent value.  We only have so many heartbeats and we cannot take any money with us after our final heartbeat.

Money may be used to provide basic necessities like shelter, food and clothing.  Many use much of their life to accumulate money to be used for desires beyond basic necessities.  These are the people I work with.  I’m one of these people.  To me, money represents freedom.  Freedom to choose what I do and when I do it.  However, during our life on earth, there will be a time when freedom is taken away regardless of how much money accumulated.  This reality presents uncertainty that puzzles the best of us, as we make an ongoing series of tradeoffs throughout our lives.

We all have two timeframes in life:

A.  The time we are healthy enough, physically and mentally, to be active and make lifestyle choices based on our desires and our financial resources.

B.  The time we are not healthy, cannot make our own choices, but are still alive.  Freedom is lost.

If you spend and enjoy more savings during “A”, then you may be broke during “B” and have to go on Medicaid (government expense for those people without assets).  Not ideal, but a person may certainly prefer “enjoying the ride” while they can still drive.  The performer Neal Young sang “it’s better to burn out, than to fade away”!

If you preserve money during “A”, then you may regret never enjoying your money as it is being spent down during “B” before being eligible to qualify for Medicaid.  You might also pass away without using your money as intended during the “A” timeframe.

Much of the financial industry hard sells the fear of running out of money.  This is a real fear for sure, but do you think this is a good strategy?

  1. Work for decades saving a pile of money for whatever “retirement” means to you
  2. Only spend the scraps (interest/dividends) off of your pile of money during retirement
  3. You never spend the pile of money, because you were told to “conserve your principle”
  4. You die and your principle (Freedom) goes to someone else to spend on their Life

I view this strategy, peddled forever in my industry, as simplistic, one dimensional, and devoid of competence or creativity.  You deserve more from your financial professional and more may be possible.  We work closely with clients to strike the appropriate balance between Timeframes “A” and “B”.  We use sophisticated combinations of strategies seeking greater economic efficiency for client’s wealth.  You don’t know how long you will live on this earth, but we both know it won’t be forever!

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