Income, Retirement & Wealth Protection

Is your money as protected when working with an independent like PCA? The answer is an unequivocal “yes.” We use an independent third-party custodian whose inherent protections are unsurpassed by any other company in our industry. Checks are always payable to the third-party custodian. Statements, tax reporting–it all comes from the custodian. We use TD Ameritrade primarily.

Retirement Planning
Our approach is to talk first — deeply and candidly. From that discussion a strategy develops and the work begins. IRAS, 401ks, Exit strategies..

Wealth Protection
Whether you’ve amassed your wealth over time or know that you will soon come into substantial assets through inheritance or a liquidation event, it’s imperative to have in place the protections that can shield you from having it stripped from you.

Income Planning
Like retirement planning, it’s about getting it all out on the table so that we can figure out how your current and future income sources will fund the retirement lifestyle you envision for yourself.