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Poterack Capital Advisory is a financial planning firm, and there are financial aspects to nearly everything you do. Your lifestyle, in large part, is based on your financial situation. Your healthcare and well-being is strongly influenced by your financial situation. Your education or the education you provide for your children is influenced by your financial situation. You get the point.

Our focus is on helping people prepare for, transition to and enjoy a successful retirement. This requires substantial expertise and resources. We have internal and external expertise and resources. Our PCA commitment to quality work, service responsiveness and a thorough and thoughtful client process has led to successful client experiences.

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Attaway Linville. Attaway Linville is a firm of CPAs and tax advisors with offices in Atlanta and the greater Charlotte metropolitan area. Attaway Linville has clients throughout the United States and in eight foreign countries, as well. The principals, Laurie Attaway and Randy Linville, along with our CEO, Ryan Poterack, have been discussing ways to collaborate for the benefit of our clients. Attaway Linville provides sophisticated tax planning, business valuation, tax return preparation, payroll and other related services.

In May, PCA and our internal CPA, Tom Schauder, parted ways after three good years together. We decided to pursue an external strategic partnership instead of hiring internally so we had more capability and flexibility to serve our clients. A “strategic partnership” is one in which there is not an employee relationship or formal contract, but there is a high level of trust and synergy leading to better client outcomes for all involved.

PCA already has strategic partnerships with other firms in providing access to more than 40 insurance companies for life insurance and long-term care insurance as well as 401(k) and other retirement plans for businesses. If your wealth may be affected, we have resources and relationships to bring to your situation.

If you would like to schedule a time to connect with a CPA at Attaway Linville, please contact our delightful Anna at 704-366-5776 or anna@poterack.net, and she will be happy to assist.