I was raised in my hometown of Chuck Yeager and recently transplanted to the Carolinas. I have been a Registered Investment Advisor for 6 years, but I have spent a lifetime helping people with their money. From the time I learned how to use a calculator as a kid, I have helped my parents budget their finances, influencing my love of accounting. I love talking to everyone about their finances – from the person next to me on a flight or friends I’ve known since childhood.

I’m a 2011 graduate of West Virginia University Tech with a Bachelors in Accounting. I quickly decided to help people with their money, not just tell them how much they owe the IRS!

My passion is helping people through tough decisions. I believe in communicating with clients in direct and simple terms, as opposed to industry lingo which can be confusing. My husband, James, likes to say I am my clients’ financial mother!