Ryan Poterack


I’m grateful for the opportunity to listen to clients and then help them achieve the outcomes they want. Everyone in my industry wears their years like battle scars, so I’ll tell you this is my 27th year in my industry, after receiving a finance degree from Iowa State University.

I don’t know all the answers for you, but I know a lot of really outstanding questions. When listening to you, it becomes clear what you value and what you may be concerned about. From this foundation, we may build a partnership together. Technical expertise is a strength of mine, however, I’ve learned to appreciate how critical good communication is in an advisor/client relationship.

I’m very intentional in seeking long-term partnerships. To me, this means:

  • Both parties communicating clearly and forthrightly in all matters.
  • Discussing money issues strategically. What is the purpose of your money?
  • Financial solutions consistent with your values and objectives.
  • Communicating and meeting mutual expectations. (Doing what we say we will do!)

As an industry leader, I mentor and coach independent financial advisors around the country through the PCA Advisor Network.